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Royal Unibrew, which operates Kalnapilio-Tauro Group, will locate its international IT centre in Yellowstone

The Yellowstone Business Center is expanding its community. Royal Unibrew, a Danish conglomerate that owns the Kalnapilio-Tauro Group in Lithuania, will establish its IT center here to serve all the group's companies.


According to Marijus Valdas Kirstukas, General Manager of the Kalnapilio-Tauro Group, this will be the second international unit of Royal Unibrew operating in Lithuania. The decision to continue investing in Lithuania was made in collaboration with Invest Lithuania.


"With the successful operation of the financial operations center in Panevėžys, Royal Unibrew could realistically assess the infrastructure offered by the country. When considering the most suitable location for the IT center, it was noted that many other international companies' IT centers operate in Lithuania, and there is a large supply of specialists with the necessary experience and qualifications," said Mr. Kirstukas.


According to Mr. Kirstukas, the selection of the premises was based on several criteria, including the need for a suitably sized office with the potential for future expansion.


"Although the team is currently small, further expansion is planned. Therefore, we sought an optimally sized office where additional workplaces could be installed in the future. The premises at Yellowstone met this requirement, as the chosen office space can be flexibly modified according to our needs. Its location in the city, near the Vilnius branch office of the Kalnapilio-Tauro Group, and its convenient public transport access were also significant advantages," Mr. Kirstukas stated.


Agnius Tamošaitis, Partner and Head of the Real Estate Division at Equite, the company providing project management services for the Yellowstone Business Center, emphasized that the building under construction on Jasinskio Street in the capital will meet the demand for high-quality and representative premises in the city.


"The business center will open its doors in the summer, so companies needing premises in the short term can plan their move as early as July-August. With various planned space sizes, it will be convenient for both larger and smaller businesses to establish themselves here, with private kitchens and meeting rooms available in the premises," Mr. Tamošaitis said.


Designed by Professor Rolandas Palekas's architectural studio and Planas B, the nine-story Yellowstone rising on Jasinskio Street is one of the first signs of the revitalization of the fundamentally renewing Business Triangle. Nearby, a 3-hectare area will be renewed based on a joint proposal by four architectural offices, harmoniously integrating commercial, residential, and public functions, restoring connections with the Neris riverbank, and creating cozy public spaces, with the aim of developing a lively and open district for everyone.


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